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Emerging power of online marketing has given a strong reason to people to get connected with the strongest means of online marketing, and that is Facebook marketplace. If you  are a businessman, and searching for reasonable tips to Selling on Facebook Marketplace, then probably this blog is going to be very helpful for you.

 How can I connect to Facebook Marketplace?

The most common question asked by newbies in the marketplace is, where can I find Marketplace. Is it available on facebook app or tablets too. It’s availability is different depending upon the device and operating system. In iOS you will find at the bottom of app, and in android it will be found at the top of the Android.

Will my friends see items I sell on Facebook marketplace?

Your friends see items sold by you on facebook marketplace depends on how you customize your marketplace settings. In other means, when you set your marketplace to private only registered users are able to see its contents. At the same times, some of the projects find it useful to maintain the privacy of the marketplace. And keeping your account private comes among one of the reasonable tips for selling on facebook marketplace. You can understand it better by understanding the concept of private marketing:

When your marketplace is set to private, users who are only logged in are supposed to be able to see the listings of content. The signed in users will be able to see homepage where you will be able to customize the similar content for describing the situation.

Is selling on Facebook marketplace easy?

If you are a newbie, and want to know the impacts of making marketplace private, you should have knowledge about the impact of making marketplace private. Here are a few conditions when your marketplace is set to private:

  • Unlogged users will not be able to see the listings of marketplace
  • Each page of listing will not display the sharing button.
  • The RSS feed will have no any information
  • Sitemap will also disable.

How Can I sell on facebook marketplace without friends seeing?

If you want to sell something that your friends can not see, it means you need to enable private features of facebook marketplace. For this,

  • You need to sign in as administrator
  • Open admin panel
  • Move to settings
  • In access and contact preferences, set only registered users to see listings
  • After that save settings.


Reading the steps, and going through the process you can easily understand how to start selling on facebook marketplace?  For any query, confusion or technical inconvenience, you can anytime visit the official facebook help center, or get in touch with the online consultants team anytime.


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