How To Recover Yahoo Password Without Any Security Risk?


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Change the password of your Yahoo email account immediately if you suspect it has been compromised. To prevent attackers from gaining access to your personal information, you should keep changing your Yahoo account password. By making a habit of changing or updating your Yahoo mail account password from time to time, you can avoid the security hassle. However, if you know the last password through which you access your account, you can reset it without any difficulties. On the other hand, if you don’t know the account password, you must Recover Yahoo Password.

How Can I Recover My Yahoo Mail Password?

There are three ways through which you can Recover Yahoo Mail Password without any kind of difficulties. All you need to make sure that your recovery phone number and email address are active. Also, you need to remember the answer to your security questions if your secondary email or phone number is not active.

Have a look:

  • By giving the correct answers to your security questions, you can get your Yahoo mail account password back.
  • By completing the verification through your recovery phone number, you can regain access to your Yahoo mail account.
  • You can also get your Yahoo mail password back by just completing the verification process through a recovery phone number.

How Do I Recover My Yahoo Password Without A Phone Number?

To recover your Yahoo email password follow these steps carefully-

  • First of all, you need to visit the Forgot Password page using a web browser.
  • In the next step, you will have to select the ‘Password’ option and then enter your full Yahoo email address.
  • Select the ‘Continue’ option and from the drop-down menu, you need to select the ‘Yes, send me an account key’
  • Here, you’ll receive the verification code on your secondary email address if you don’t have access to your phone number.
  • Enter the account key and follow the prompts so that you can create a new password for your Yahoo account.

Once successful, you’ll get a confirmation message that states your Yahoo mail account password has been recovered successfully.


The following instructions and guidelines are valid for your Yahoo mail account. All you need to go through the steps mentioned above carefully. However, you might face some issues when you try to Recover Yahoo Password on your own.In such a case, you should again follow the above procedure with utmost precaution. Also, keep your recovery email address or phone number active so that you can receive the verification code easily.

Additional Help: 

Sometimes, you might face some sorts of problems regarding the Yahoo password recovery operations. Due to a lack of technical proficiency, you might come across some difficulties. Hence, you should take help from Yahoo support services. Here, you will be able to get the complete solution to your problems within the least possible time frame. So, you don’t need to worry at all as you can handle such kind of situation with care.

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