How Do I install HP LaserJet M1005?


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HP LaserJet M1005 is one of the high-tech printers in which printing documents could be done directly from the computer system. There are the main key features that these printers possess. The printer is capable of copying multiple documents of the same information additionally scanning of printed documents and transferring data to both the multifunction printer and the computer system. It has a small display that is beneficial while using all in one printer. The printer driver has a high-quality printing system that is perfect for business text printing and graphics printing. Today we’ve come up with  How Do I Install HP LaserJet M1005? Follow the procedure carefully which will hardly take a couple of minutes.

Before installing you’ll need to know what is required in hand so that the procedure is followed smoothly. Before following the steps make sure you configure the things that are given below:

  • On your computer one CD/DVD drive needs to be installed
  • Also, require a software/ driver CD Disk of HP LaserJet m 21005
  • The USB cable is another requirement to connect your printer to the computer

Steps For Installing HP LaserJet M100

  • Turn on your computer system where you need to install HP LaserJet m1005 printer
  • Switch on your HP  printer
  • Unplug HP LaserJet printer USB cable
  • Insert HP laserjet m 1005 CD into the CD/DVD drive on the computer system and run the setup wizard by following the instructions for its installation.
  • After this connect your computer system with HP LaserJet M1005 printer USB cable when the installer wizard asks for.
  • Follow the wizard instructions until completion.
  • Your HP Laserjet Scanner Driver Download is successful and LaserJet M1005 Printer is ready for use.


If you are not that confident in doing the steps on your own you can look for help online. We have mentioned every detail in our blog that seems useful for all our viewers for installing the HP laserjet m 1005. For any query or information on the printer, installation does write to us by giving your feedback as every feedback of yours means a lot to us.

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