How To Perform Gmail Password Recovery?


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Often you may have to come across a wide variety of difficulties due to forgotten or lost email account password. In such a critical case you have to opt for Gmail Password Recovery options. However, there are various options of Gmail password recovery available through which you will be able to change or recover your Gmail account password. From below you can read and follow the steps related to How To Perform Gmail Password Recovery.

Steps For Performing Gmail Password Recovery

Step 1

At first, open your search browser and then in the search box type Gmail login and then just hit the enter button. On hitting the enter button Gmail Sign In page will open on your screen.

Step 2

Then from the Gmail Sign page click on the Forgot Password link.

Step 3

Thereafter another window will display in that you have to enter the mobile number for recovering the password.

If in case your Gmail account is not linked with the Mobile Number then tap on Try another way link then. Thereafter Google will ask another question. If you will be able to answer any of the questions then you will be successfully able to recover the Gmail password. Questions which are usually asked by Google are –

  • Verification Code
  • When did you create this Google Account?
  • Another Email address for recovery
  • Another name of yours

Step 4

On answering the correct question another one password window will display on your screen in that you have to enter a new Gmail password and re-enter the password.

Step 5

Thereafter click on the change password button as this will result in recovering your Gmail password.

If you are busy and not having time to recover forgotten Gmail password then you can call Google Customer Service Number at any time as they provide 24/7 customer service.

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