How can I get Facebook marketplace for selling and buying items


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Facebook is the best way that keeps us connected to everyone with those who’re far from us. There are multiple features that come with Facebook. If you want to get connected to colleagues, relatives, or old friends then Facebook is here for your help. Going live, updating images, and reading news feed can be done through Facebook. What about doing business on FB? The feature of the Facebook marketplace is available to make your brand reach wider audiences. The new users might face issues in using the marketplace. Whether you want to know about facebook marketplace work or getting started with it, you just need to get in touch with the technical team of Facebook.

The FB helpdesk team is available around the clock for troubleshooting all the problems of yours. If you’re having any problem with the marketplace then asks them to the techies. Some of the most common queries and their solutions are mentioned related to the FB marketplace.

Why I can’t access my FB marketplace?

This can happen because of restrictions on the country or region where you are. Apart from this, you need to be above 18 years to use the FaceBook marketplace. If still having any issue then connect with the techies to fix the problems.

Can new Facebook users use marketplace?

Can new Facebook users use marketplace? No, sometimes new users on FB are not given with the feature of the marketplace because of some reasons. This is because FB wants to prevent any kind of scam or fraud in selling goods.

Can I use the Facebook marketplace without a Facebook account?

Is there any way to make of use facebook marketplace without a facebook account? The answer of this question is no as you’ll always need to have an FB account.

How does Facebook marketplace work?

Do you want to get an idea of how does facebook marketplace work Then, here are the steps that are needed for doing business in Facebook marketplace.

  • Go to the ‘marketplace’ icon from the menu and then choose plus sign to sell something
  • Make sure to add the title and price for the listing. Add all the descriptions of the items from the device
  • After adding images of the items, you need to click on ‘post’ to sell the item.

If you want to buy an item then you must follow these quick steps:

  • Tap on the marketplace storefront type icon.
  • After that, you need to browse on the categories.
  • Choose a product that you need to buy and then send a message to the seller

Sometimes, the technical issues get complicated that they can only be resolved with expert’s help. In such a situation, you need to get help from the professional of FB.

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