What is Google Voice and how does it Work?


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Google has offered a free Google voice service for its users. People can use this service to make voice as well as video calls and send text messages. You can also customize your voice mails and forward your calls to a different number and manage ringtones using the google voice service. Initially, when google voice has started, people required an invitation code to set up their google voice account. But in recent times it is free for all. The Google Voice Work hassle-free with the PSTN system. You can connect your multiple devices with the same number and can make or receive calls on any device. Moreover, the users need to have a google account to use google voice service. Google voice also tracks your location to keep in its server.

Advantages of using google voice service:

Google has been known for its seamlessness as a searching tool and now google voice service is also cherished among users. Generally, Google Voice use your phone number to copy your contacts, chats, and call details. You can make international calls at cheaper rates using this google voice service. Whereas if you want to use a call recording feature then you have to pay for it. Moreover. You can also switch to any register devices in between the call. Users can also make regional as well as international video conferencing with google voice service.

Is Google Voice still free?

Google Voice is a free service and has multiple advantages. However, people have a confusion about the usage of this number and whether they will ​get a Google Voice number for free or not. Moreover, you can also contact the google team to know whether Google Voice still free or not. If Google Voice still free then you can activate it now to use its uncountable features.

How will I get a google voice number?

Users can download Google voice apps on all mobile devices from the app store. Also, we have provided the steps to get your google voice number. You have to follow these steps to get your google voice account activated:

  • First of all, open the google voice website and make a left-click on get google voice.
  • Now Google will ask for your account details. Enter your Google account email id and password. You can also skip this step if you have already synchronized your google account to all devices you are using. This will automatically sync your account and login to it.
  • Now select the between android, iOS, and web whatever operating system you are using.
  • Click on the continue tab to accept the service and privacy policy appearing on the screen.
  • Select your city or area pin code to choose a google voice number.
  • You will see a list of numbers on the screen. Select any of these numbers as your google voice number.
  • Click on the verify button to verify your existing phone number.
  • After this select a number to forward your incoming calls and then click on “send code”. Google will forward incoming calls to this number if the primary number is switched off or unreachable. This number works as your secondary number and you have to verify this also.
  • Locate a text message on the secondary number to collect the code from it. Enter the code on the google voice website and click on the “verify” tab.
  • Now click on the “claim” button to permit google voice to forward your calls to the secondary number.
  • Finally, click on the “Finish” tab to finish adding your secondary number and then again click on finish to complete the google voice account setup.

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