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Among search engines and email, one of the names that are familiar with everyone is “Google”. Google has completely revolutionized the way of communicating, making payments, and watching videos. In this digital world, everyone is having a Google account to enjoy its different services such as maps, Google play store, and many more. Have you thought about what would you do if your Google not working? It would be really difficult to spend a single day without using Google. Many of us must have encountered some sort of technical hiccups while using Google services. If this happens to you then don’t waste time anywhere, just contact the Google customer team for fixing all the technical woes.

Why is my Google Not Working?

No doubt, Google problems can cause you trouble many times. It is annoying when you are using your Google services and suddenly it stops working. After this, you’ll be directed back to the Home Screen. Now the question arises why this problem occurs. This usually occurs when you haven’t updated your device software or your storage is full. This problem with your internal memory or device’s cache can be problematic. In such a situation. Users ask for help on- how to fix the issue of maps not working? The better solution is calling the professionals of the Google support team any time of the day.

How do you fix Google has stopped working?

What to do if your Google has stopped working? This query is common among every Google user. In case you don’t know much about it then speak to a technical agent through helpline number for quick instructions and help. Let’s have a look at some of the important steps for fixing this glitch:

Restarting of Google app: In case you google not working, you’ll have to just restart the Google app. For this, open the Settings from the Android phone. Here, you need to tap on “Apps/Applications Manager”. Once done, you have to click on Google and then make sure to “Force Stop”.

Clearing the cache: Sometimes, users report that their Google services such as google assistants not working. You can try resolving this problem with these technical solutions.

  • Start the process by tapping Settings on your Android phone.
  • After that, choose the option of “Apps/Applications Manager”.
  • Look for the Google option and then tap on that will appear on the next screen
  • Now, just tap on “Settings” and then click on the option of Apps/Application Manager. From here, tap on “Google”.
  • Then, look for the “Storage” option followed by Clear Cache. Another option that you should try is clearing the data/Storage.

If still get the troubles of chrome not working then consider taking help from the experts of Google. They also help in troubleshooting the issues if your Google calendar not working.

Why are my Google services not working?

Facing Google issues is very common and they can occur anytime. This can be sometimes very stressful as you won’t be able to continue working on it. Don’t forget to restart a device when your Google services get crashed. You can also talk to the technical executives about the precise removal of Google not working? So, feel free to ask for tech support from them.

How to troubleshoot the problem if your Google is not working perfectly?

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