Why am I not receiving any emails?


David      October 30, 2020      349 Views

People report about various types of Gmail down issues while working with their accounts. Most of these issues are temporary and need the correct guidance of experts to get fixed. But sometimes customers get stuck with this problem and not receive an email for so long. Everyone is well aware of the fact that Gmail users generally use a mailing account to send official emails. So, if we face a delay or Gmail down issue then it will directly hamper or work. Moreover, the situation gets worse when people face delays in receiving emails. Also, many other issues cause along with this, like sometimes customers are even unable to log in to their Gmail account or load their inbox.

Moreover, if you want to check is Gmail down or not then we suggest you check their official pages. You will surely get posts from their customers as well as reporting the same. If there are no such posts on their official pages then the issue is just with your account or device. You need to detect the main reason as well as the exact issue to fix this soon. Without a reason, we also would not be able to assist you with the remedies.

  • If you are facing Gmail down today then you can check it through online down detectors. Further, the main reason for a Gmail app down issue is the outdated version of the application. You can update the Gmail application anytime from the app store.
  • If you are already using an updated version of Gmail then you have to check for the internet connection. Most of the time, we are unable to load a Gmail application due to a slow internet connection. So, we advise our users if they are unable to load their Gmail or get a blank page on refresh then simply check for the internet. Also, we suggest using a Wi-Fi connection or a strong mobile internet connection while browsing the Gmail application or website.
  • Gmail website is compatible with all operating systems and all browsers. But if you are using an outdated or very old operating system then you need to update it as soon as possible. also. Some latest browsers are still not compatible to use Gmail websites on it. If you try to open the Gmail website then it will automatically route you to a different page or show you a blank page. If this is the situation then you can anytime check it by switching to a compatible browser. All the famous browsers like chrome, firefox, and internet explorer are compatible with the Gmail website.
  • Apart from this, you also need to check your Gmail settings. Make sure to opt for auto-synchronization in the setting to receive continuous emails. If Auto-sync is turned off then you can change it from the Gmail application or browser. All you have to do is to open the application or browser and go to the setting in the upper left corner. After that, tap on your account and click on “Sync Gmail” to turn it ON.
  • Following the above hacks will definitely fix a Gmail down the issue in your device instantly. Also, if the issue is from the end of Gmail software then you can do nothing about it. They are solely responsible for this and only they have the right to fix this issue. Moreover, if the problem persists for long then there can be a different reason behind this. Because a Gmail outage issue can never stay for so long. It can be just for a few minutes as Gmail technicians are very agile to detect and fix these issues.

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