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Facebook allows its users to use all the inbuilt features with the same email address. The marketplace is on such a feature of Facebook that allows us to shop on Facebook. It is slightly different from the other online e-commerce shopping website. Users can purchase from a variety of products already listed on Facebook. You will also find multiple color options and patterns of a single product. You can get marketplace on Facebook only if you are eligible to use it.

Where can I get the marketplace for Facebook on my application?

You can simply go to to open marketplace websites on the browser. Moreover, if the link is not working for you then you can follow the below steps.

  • Launch the Facebook applications on your device.
  • Click on the three dashes (horizontal lines) on the top right corner on the homepage.
  • Then locate a hut-like image and click on it to access products on the marketplace.
  • If you can’t find anything like this in the list then click on the “See more” option to check from other hidden features.

Can’t able to access your Marketplace on Facebook, check for the following things:

Facebook is particular about the policies and has separate policies for marketplace users. Every individual who wants to use the Facebook marketplace has to follow these policies. If you violate or miss any of these then can’t access Facebook marketplace.

  • The marketplace is not available for new users: You need to be sincere with your Facebook account. Also, if someone has recently created an account on Facebook, then Facebook has no trust in you. Facebook will not provide you the license to sell products on Facebook. You need to stay a little longer on Facebook to get marketplace on Facebook. So, you will only be able to use the Facebook marketplace facility from your account after a fixed period of time.
  • User is below 18 years: You should be more than 18 years to use the Facebook marketplace. Facebook always keeps the record of its users. If Facebook finds you less than 18 years of age then you will not get the marketplace option on your application
  • Using an older application version: You need to update your Facebook application to see the marketplace icon on your app. If the icon is not available on your device, then probably you are using an older version. Additionally, you can download the latest Facebook application from the app store on your device.
  • Facebook marketplace is not available on your location: Currently, Facebook has provided its marketplace service to a limited area. Although, there are a total of 70 countries, where the Facebook market place is recently working. But among those countries, most of the areas come under the restricted zone and the Facebook marketplace is not accessible in those areas.

If you are already living or recently traveled to any such location, then you have to change your location. You can also contact the support team to get to marketplace Facebook restricted areas list. So that you can decide whether you will be able to access the marketplace or not.

  • You are using an old model of iPhone: the Facebook marketplace is not available on iPhone devices older than the iPhone 5 model. If you are using the same then you either have to switch your device or have to use a browser to access the same.

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