Instructions to fix can’t access my Cash App account issues:


David      August 30, 2020      361 Views

We all use a variety of online applications and face multiple types of issues with them. When it comes to online money transferring applications the list of issues gets changed automatically. Cash app is one of those money transferring applications that users commonly use to make peer-to-peer money transfer. Several times we face payment failed issues and other times we face login issues. The list of Cash app issues is too long that it might take a good amount of time to elaborate on all issues. Hence to cut this short I am providing information to a major Cash app issue that we all might have faced. In this blog, we will learn to access old Cash app account.

All online applications need passwords so it is understandable if we forgot our Cash app account password. It gets tough to remember the passwords of your all account. Owing to which we lost access to our old account and ended up creating a new account. If you don’t want to be stuck in the same situation then we suggest you know the correct process to access my Cash app account. We can easily access our old account by merging it into a new account. If you have recently changed your device or your previous device has been lost then download the Cash app application on your device. If you are an android user then download the Cash app from google play store. Moreover, if you use the iPhone device then go to the apple play store to download the application.

  • First of all, create a Cash app account using the same phone number and email address for which you want to get the access.
  • Also, activate the card and add your bank account details in the application.
  • Then go to the “Cash support” option.
  • To access my Cash app account, locate the “Can’t Access Old Account” option.
  • By making a click to this you will be able to send an account merging request to Cash app support.
  • Make sure to enter your contact details and email address while mailing the request.
  • After this, the Cash app support executives will call you to verify your old account details.
  • They will ask you for a list of things like your old bank account and card numbers. They can also ask for your social security number.
  • After verifying your details that will provide you with access to your old account.

If in case you can’t access my Cash app account anytime in the future due to the same reason then you can follow the same process to get access to the account. In addition, Cash app executives are always ready to assist you with every query.

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