Multiple Facebook account- How to create multiple FB accounts with the same phone number?


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Today, a wide number of people are using Facebook for personal or official purposes. It helps a user in connecting with friends and family along with doing business. But the problem occurs when there’s only one account for both professional and personal things. This makes it a bit uncomfortable for sharing personal posts on professional accounts. In that case, it is better suggested to have 2 Facebook accounts for personal applications. In this way, both the profiles will hold their individuality and no details will be shared.

But, is there any option of creating a second account on FB? Can I make two FB accounts? Well, various technical queries need to be fixed or resolved. In such cases, it would be better to connect with technical professionals. You can talk to them at any time of the day via helpline number or live technical lines.

How does Facebook know if you have multiple accounts?

The users on FB cannot create another or multiple accounts according to their FB standards and policy. If you are mentioning the same registration details as of your previous FB account then Facebook will get to know that you have created a second account. The answer to the question can you have 2 Facebook accounts is technically no as FB wants to prevent scams and fake accounts.

Owing to Facebook’s security and policy reasons, the user can only have one account. In FB, limited accounts with the same phone number or email can be created by the users. If a user has registered for multiple accounts with the same login credentials then you will need to verify yourself by mobile phone and the SMS code verification.

Technically, there is no way to create multiple accounts with the same number. If you will use the same number for two different FB account creations then FB will remove the old account. So, you can create only one FB account.

Can I have a second Facebook account?

Many users have multiple Facebook accounts on FB but according to FB, this is not good. Facebook doesn’t allow its users to create multiple accounts. Facebook needs something to contact you so you can make use of your email instead of the phone number. If you are having multiple email addresses then it would be easy for you to create multiple Facebook accounts.

Users of Facebook can always ask their technical queries to the FB customer support team via helpline number. Some technical problems can only be rectified with an expert’s guidance. Therefore, if you’re having any issue or confusion regarding multiple accounts on FB then get in touch with Facebook to report your problem. They provide effective support and guidance to troubleshooting your problems.

Can I make 2 Facebook accounts with the same mobile number?

Do you want to 2 Facebook accounts? Whenever you are signing up for a new Facebook account, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number. Registering with a phone number sometimes increases the risk that your details will be exposed. With one phone number, you cannot create multiple accounts on FB. If you are still having queries then get it resolved by contacting the technical support team whenever you want. With experts help, you can get your technical solutions.

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